Heidi Cuppari is a meta-leader in the sustainable financing, impact investing, youth entrepreneurship, and women’s leadership realms. Her prime career directive is socially-responsible corporate growth, from companies and nonprofits to political campaigns.

Prior to founding Dream Tank, Heidi held a sustainable wealth management position at UBS Financial Services and created a consultancy for women and millennial investors.

While at UBS, it became clear that, in traditional finance, a Call was brewing for increased collaboration and more aligned collective impact. Heidi answered by generating work strategies that could bridge traditional client support approaches and relationship-based innovations. The result was a financial impact consultancy born from that bridge-building paradigm.

Most recently she has launched Dream Tank, an innovative social entrepreneurship accelerator and think tank enabling young people ages 8-19 to launch a business or innovation and solve local and global challenges.

Heidi’s prime career directive is socially-responsible growth, from companies and nonprofits to political campaigns. As a graduate of Brown University, she views her time there as having inspired her to dedicate her life to making significant changes, on the world stage, via her career choices. In 2004, she steered her career toward social impact investing, eventually developing and running Acumen Fund’s Business Development / Investor Relations department. Prior to shifting to UBS, she managed the Investor Relations department of iDE (International Development Enterprises) and created the iDE Ambassador Group: a consortium of high net-worth benefactors who invested time, capital, and skill directly into the company. Once at UBS, her meta-niche became generating paths for increased global systems shifts. After joining their aforementioned Leonard sustainable investment group, she broadened its scope of investment opportunities — for families, corporations, foundations, and other organizations — by retargeting their financial resources specifically on constructive social change.

While traveling and addressing systemic change in global conversations and collective impact gatherings, Heidi noticed a major thing missing: the voice and input of children.

Heidi believes that the children are the key to our future — the key to creating the world that we dream of — because they do not have old thinking ingrained in them. They are filled with unlimited potential and possibility. They have hopes and dreams. They believe in magic. And their brains can use parallel processes and technology like we’ve never imagined.

We need children – now more than ever! Albert Einstein said: ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.’

Heidi walks her mission’s talk: manifesting a peaceful, healed planet through aligning significant, positive social impact with collaborative, collective action.